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Top Summer Food Trends of 2021

Staycations and garden parties are where it’s at this summer… and after the year we’ve all had, I think you’ll join us in agreeing that at this point, we will take what we can get! BBQs, picnics, outdoor grazing tables, we’re here to talk about the Top Food Trends you can expect to see (and hopefully partake in yourself) this summer!

Now that the vaccination roll-outs are well underway and lockdown restrictions seem to be FINALLY easing optimism definitely seems to be rising for a long, hot summer of Covid-safe reunions between family, friends and other loved ones. And can you REALLY have a summer garden get together without an array of fine foods and refreshing drinks? Absolutely not!

Here’s a list of everything you should be stocking up on as we enter the prime summer months of 2021:

Picnic-Ready Snacks

Is there anything more delightfully British than a summer picnic? We don’t believe so. As pandemic restrictions ease, being able to share food with your nearest and dearest is likely to go down a treat with your guests, so be sure to stock up on a wide selection of grazing platter foods! Crackers, cheese, crisps, dips, spreads, and of course be sure not to forget those delicious seasonal fruits and veggies!

Due to Covid, sharing a bowl of snacks may actually, understandably, become a thing of the past. That’s why we recommend hunting down things that are not only easy to serve but also easy to transport. Anything that can be enjoyed on the go is ideal, and anything that comes in single-serve pouches is a must!

Quality Meats

It’s no secret that the pandemic has done a lot of damage to many of us, especially those who own their own business and relies on a steady stream of sales. But there is one industry that has gained significant popularity over the last year and a half, and that’s independent retail butchers!

630,000 more households are buying their meat from butchers compared to last year, which we think is absolutely amazing! They’re also spending half as much more per shopping trip when they’re purchasing their delicious, high-quality meats. And the most popular items on the menu? Sausages, chops and roasting joints - we can smell those BBQs already!

Obviously, this is all good news for any barbecue fan. Unsurprisingly, 2020 was a great year for private garden barbecues (because honestly, what else was there to do?), but 2021 is set to be even better. BBQs are looking to be embraced more than ever this year, seeing as we now have the opportunity to involve other people and take advantage of the glorious weather we’ve been having lately.

It also looks as though there’s a rising trend in American-style food options, with a huge focus on long, slow smoking and cooking processes - so dust of those tongs, don an apron and get grilling!

Vegetarian and Vegan Food Trend

And on the complete opposite side of the spectrum, when it comes to catering for any of your veggie or vegan guests, it’s time to say ‘so-long!’ to those bland veggie burgers of the past. There are so many new and exciting options these days, anything less than venturing into the new plant-based or meat-free territory, such as the use of Tempeh, these days would be straight-up insulting.

Tempeh is a great, healthy alternative to traditional meat-filled burgers, and it’s super easy to cook. Tempeh ‘ribs’ are also on track to be the vegan/veggie-friendly BBQ trend of the summer - guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any non-meat-eating friends and family members, and win you a couple of bonus points in the process.

Healthy Summer Food Trends

As always (thankfully), there will be a continuing focus on healthy, clean eating and lifestyles. People still want to enjoy foods that make them feel good when it’s served and devoured. People still want their food to comfort them, but also feel somewhat nourished while eating, meaning you should still keep an eye out for high-quality ingredients that can be easily thrown together after a long, hard day. Deli food, fruits and charcuterie will take the spotlight for this one.

Many people have definitely been paying more attention to their health over the pandemic, and wish to continue doing so as restrictions begin to ease. So be sure to always have some low-calorie, natural and low-fat options around when entertaining your guests this summer.

Eco-Friendly Food Trends

Of course, everybody is simply eager to enjoy themselves this summer and make up for a whole year of lost time. But another trend that has had a rise in popularity this year is sustainability. People are more aware than ever of the damage we’re doing to our planet on a daily basis, and so we definitely recommend that you consider stocking up on products from sustainable focused food brands.

Food waste is one of the key contributors to climate change, so we can all do our part when it comes to making small changes - after all, in the end, that’s what makes the big differences. And hey, don’t you think saving the planet would allow you to enjoy yourself even more!?

So there you have it, our top summer food trend predictions of 2021. By keeping to this list, you’re ensured that this summer will absolutely be one to remember!

And don’t forget to keep checking back on our blog for more handy tips, insights and general discussions about the wonderful world of catering and events.

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